Fecha de publicación: 26/03/2019
Sponge for Revoslot / SCALEAUTO
Complete wheels for the Revoslot range
Scaleauto presents a new range of complete wheels with sponge tires specially designed for use in 1:32 scale slot models manufactured by Revoslot.
The 20.5mm diameter and 11mm wide sponge tires are mounted on a lightweight aluminum rim with 15mm diameter for use on 3mm axles with M3 screw fixation. The design of this rim allows the use of the original hubcaps of those used by Revoslot.
These tires are available in two sponge compounds, Procomp-2 and Procom-3.

SC-2012 20.5 x 11 Procomp-3 Rim 15
SC-2013 20.5 x 11 Procomp-2 Rim 15
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