Fecha de publicación: 11/02/2019
Next NSU TT – R8 Gordini / BRM
Two new liveries of each
Within a few weeks, two new versions of the popular "small" 1:24 scale BRM will be released. The first NSU TTS and Renault 8 Gordini were quickly accepted by slotcar fans and now BRM, before putting on sale the new models scheduled for this 2019, puts on the track four more cars. Two NSU TTS, with original liveries, one of the legendary Danish driver Leif Pedersen #301, and another of German Andreas Vielgut #355.
The Renault 8 Gordini have two very different liveries, one in black, #98, sponsored by French construction companies, and an inexcusable Gitanes in White #11.
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