Fecha de publicación: 04/01/2019
BOOK / THINGIES: A Retro Futuristic Slot Car Story
The third book by Carlo Tonalezzi
The third book by Carlo Tonalezzi, is devoted entirely to the Thingies, the Futurists Dream Cars that caused a furore in the sixties. Slot cars, on a 1:24 scale approximately, fruit of the design of cars and mechanics for pure performances.
In this new 116-page book by Tonalezzi, published independently, special importance is given to more than a hundred spectacular pictures, such as the Classic ASP on the cover, and with short text. Written in English, it is foreworded by Philippe de Lespinay, curator of Los Angeles Slot Car Museum (lascm).

Thingies: A Retro Futuristic Slot Car Story
Author: Carlo Tonelazzi
Editor: Independent (December 2018)
English language
ISBN: 978-1791316518
Dimensions: 21 x 1 x 21 cm
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