Fecha de publicación: 15/10/2018
The art of Marlon Foakes
From the hand of British artisan Marlon Foakes, great replicas for slot 1:32 in resin were born. At that time and until 2011 under the name of TRRC (Tetre Rouge Racing Cars) we want to remember models like the Adler Trumpf or the Bentley Embricos. But now we want to focus on one of the new model of the brand that he founded three years ago, Shadowfax SlotCars, and which goes on sale these days, forming part of his collection 1930 (The Golden Era), the Auto Union Streamliner "Rennlimousin".
Shadowfax SlotCars has four collections differentiated by decades: 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930. All of them dedicated to the rich history of the Grand Prix until the Second World War.
The Auto Union Streamliner is a 1:32 scale model, made of resin and sold as a mounting kit, although few RTR units can be purchased under direct order. With the kit you can reproduce both Bernd Rosemayer #3 and Hans Stuck #4 car at the AVUS race held in Berlin in 1935.
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