Fecha de publicación: 31/08/2018
New model Ready for Racing
Slot Racing fans are aware of the high cost of tuning a series car into a real car ready to win with different championships complex regulations. GT3 category regulation is quite universal and NSR has decided to put on sale a model that includes all those components that turn a good car into a winning car out of the box.

The new Corvette C6R Ready to Racing is equipped as standard with a long list of spare parts experienced in competition:

Body fastened with new metric screws
Guide arm with screw adjustment
Metric screws for the motor suspension brackets
Front axle adjustment
Medium shok absorbers in the three points of the engine support
New short blade guide with screw
New high grip slick low profile rear tires (19.5x11) in red.
Ultra low profile front tires (16x8)
anodized aluminum Z28 crown
New King 19 engine of 19,000 rpm
This new Corvette will be on sale from the first week of September.
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