Fecha de publicación: 11/01/2018
These are some of the expected models
Over the past months, the Italian brand Slot.it has been announcing with dropper some of the models of the first months of 2018. As new molds we must highlight the Toyota 86C, which was scheduled for 2017, the Mercedes 190E DTM and the new Alfa Romeo 155 TI DTM of 1996 bodywork.
At the next Nuremberg Fair, in which Galileo Engineering will once again be present with its three brands, Slot.it, Policar, Politoys, we will be able to see both Slot.it and Policar proposals, as well as the new tracks that will be put on sale from the German Fair.
These are some of the models already confirmed for 2018. We will have to wait for the Fair to know other novelties still not revealed.


SiCa05f – Nissan R390 GT1 LM 1997 (02-2018)
SiCa10l – McLaren F1 GTR (03-2018)
SiCa38a – Audi R18 Ultra (03-2018)

SiCW20 – Porsche 962C Le Mans 1987 Winner (04-2018)
SiCa45a – Alfa Romeo 155 V6TI ITC 199 (06-2018)
SiCa08f – Lancia LC2 1984 (06-2018)
SiCa36c – Opel Calibra DTM/ITC 1995 (06-2018)

SiCa40a – Alfa Romeo 155 V6TI DTM/ITC 1995

SiCa44 – Mercedes 190E DTM
SiCa41 – Toyota 86C


PO-Car04b – March 701 (01-2018)
PO-Car02E – Lotus 72 (01-2018)

PO-Car - Ferrari 312B2
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