Fecha de publicación: 29/01/2018
CARRERA will present the Virtual Slot
In Nuremberg will unveil its FPV system for slot
Little by little, some news from one of the most well-kept secrets of the 2018 Carrera catalog is filtered. It was the digital magazine Zot4Slot that discovered the new Carrera Cam Car system. A 1:24 scale slot car that integrates a 5.8 Ghz camera that rebroadcast the action from the point of view of the driver-player. An action that the driver can see in his augmented reality glasses (FPV goggles) which will allow him to fully enjoy the possibilities of the Carrera digital system, with his lane changes and all the Carrera Race App special features.
In this link to Zot4Slot there is a brief introduction to the system, but we will wait to have all the information offered by Carrera in Nuremberg to be able to talk more extensively about this authentic innovation of the Austrian brand that already has a similar system in its drones range.
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