Fecha de publicación: 22/12/2017
In 2018 the new slot tracks will go on sale
Maurizio Ferrari and Maurizio Gibertoni, owners of Galileo Engineering, have decided that in the next Christmas season, the Slot circuits will return to take their place under the Christmas tree.
As is known, Galileo Engineering (Slot.it) and APS GmbH (Policar and Politoys) have worked closely developing slot products. As of 2018, Galileo Engineering will own the Policar and Politoys brands. In this way, Slot.it, Policar and Politoys will be united under a single company. This is only part of one of the best news of 2018. The second part of this announcement made public yesterday is that Policar will re-market slot tracks in 2018.
Some tracks that are already in production and that can be seen and tested at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg at the end of January 2018. It will be there where the track system will be revealed, since the patent is pending approval, but knowing the degree of innovation that Galileo always applies to their projects, we understand that it will be revolutionary.
The system is initially planned for four lanes but will expand to six during 2018. The tracks will be hard plastic, with a rough surface that allows excellent grip even for cars without a magnet. The distance between lanes is 90mm and the borders 60mm. Triple guardrails have been designed unlike the usual ones, and work is being done to adapt to the Ninco tracks, common in most European competitions.
By the year 2019, the tracks will be digitized and extended to eight lanes.
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