Fecha de publicación: 04/09/2017
Ferrari F40 25th Anniversary 24 H Sant Celoni / SLOT.IT
Special commemorative edition
It's a very special car. And it is in many ways. A few days ago was held the 24 Hours of Sant Celoni, the 25th edition, one of the oldest slotcar endurance races on the international calendar.
In the first edition of this race, then held in the town of Sant Celoni, most of the teams ran with the F40 that then made Scalextric. The organization decided to choose this car to give to all drivers entered in this 25th edition and requested Slot.it that, for once, made a special version.
It could not be another livery that in that year 1992 drove the missing Josep Maria Masip, a slot driver with an extraordinary list of wins around all Europe. Some of the entrants of this mythical first edition of race were at the Pavellón de Cassa de la Selva to receive a warm tribute.
This Ferrari F40 of which Slot.it only made 264 units was distributed among all the entrant drivers and the rest went on sale to help defray the race. This car, with reference (Slotit SCR03a) can still be purchased through U32 Hobbies.
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