Fecha de publicación: 29/09/2016
PEGASO Nuevo Rabassada Duo / SPIRIT
According to a Diego Serrano concept design
A few years ago, the designer Diego Serrano became involved in a project that entailed the materialization of a dream, the return of mythical sports of Pegaso. Of their pencils came out two beautiful designs inspired by the mythical Pegaso Rabassada, who received the name of Pegaso New Rabassada Duo and Solo and corresponded with a two-seater coupe and barquetta car.
Now Spirit offers a resin bodywork limited edition of only 100 units of the New Rabassada Duo (SP901802R) with a specific chassis in plastic and designed for inline engine equipped with calibrated material, although more thought to the case that to compete in slot track, where the risk of damage for as exclusive piece advises us to run very quietly.
Photo and text: AloyShop
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