Fecha de publicación: 24/12/2014
Slot.it makes a first assessment of the new Scalextric PCR chassis
After the pleasant news for all slot fans of the new PCR chassis for some Scalextric models, SlotCar Today contacted with Maurizio Ferrari, Slot.it boss so that will value this new product.
From the pictures provided yesterday by AmazingSlot follows that there is a long process of collaboration between Slot.it and Scalextric Hornby, "We started this project several months ago," tells us Ferrari. "But one thing must be clear, PCR is a Scalextric product", and although the Slot.it hand looks at its design Ferrari insists "The PCR models are designed by Scalextric so that when you install the new chassis, this may use all Slot.it components and accessories. The new PCR chassis has been designed as any other Slot.it chassis "
But to dispel doubts about the new Scalextric Hornby range, which hopefully can be officially unveiled at the upcoming London Toy Fair or later in Nuremberg, Maurizio Ferrari clarifies " PCR models will be sold box with Scalextric components not shall be equipped as standard with Slot.it components". Recall that the new 2015 models carrying the PCR logo are the McLaren P1 and the BMW Z4 GT3 and the catalog contained PCR models as Bentley Contiental and McLaren MP4-12C. "Future models and plans can be revealed only by Scalextric directly, logically I know what's in the pipeline and it is really something big"
Having seen the pictures of Giacomo Grazioli we are sure that there are already track test results: "Yes, we have logically tested the Z4 with PCR chassis and its performances are of car born to win" "The same could be said of the future models". From these words we can deduce that the new PCR models are authentic slot racing cars and more after reading some statements of Grazioli in ItaliaSlot forum in which asserts that the PCR models body is a new concept, with a minimum thickness and a weight of around 18/20 gr, flexible enough and without internal components that could disturb. Maurizio Ferrari also said to SlotCar Today that Slot.it will publish a list of suggested tuning parts for each model.
On the other hand he anticipates great news. If a couple of months ago Slot.it began marketing 3DP chassis for Carrera models, today announces that soon will go on sale through Shapeways 3DP chassis for "old" Scalextric models. A chassis that need logically Lexan interiors or 3DP made.
Next Nuremberg Toy Fair, where they will present these products will be the starting point of this new phase of joint venture between Scalextric Hornby and Slot.it.
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