Fecha de publicación: 20/11/2014
Mitoos revolutionizes the slot game
(PR. Mitoos. 11/20/2014)


Mitoos specializing slot brand in tires for various slotcar categories, has a simple but revolutionary idea materialized in the so-called " CLIMATE Tyres "
This is to introduce a new variable into rallies and slot races: The climatology. This climate variable is random, such as meteorological phenomena. Therefore presents this novelty in a set, plus three sets of tires Climate includes a predictive Dice with pictograms for each condition of each type of tire: (DRY) in black, (RAIN) in gray and (ICE) in blue.
With this new type of tire is intended to give a new incentive to slot racing bringing it a step closer to reality ... but in an easy, clean and fun way. No one is exempt to be surprised in a Rally Stage or Race Round by a shower! Or worse ... a frosty!
The performance with ICE (Blue): The car skids on curves and slips in straights unless you go smooth and with progressive acceleration… behaves reasonably well but with a scare or two, as if driving over ice sheets.
With RAIN (Gray) car skids on curves and slightly in straight unless you're very sharp, reproducing the driving in wet conditions.
And finally with the DRY (Black) pushes the car in curves and straight without slipping, allowing driving to the metal from the first lap, as in dry track conditions.

The different color of each climate type of tire has its reason in the rapid identification when used at home, clubs, rallies or other competitions so that you or the Officer can identify at a glance the situation ... . That is if a driver is not aware that it is raining or ice on the Stage!
It really is a game within the slot game itself ... The possibilities are vast and more applications come to mind as we think about it ... all without dirtying the tracks or having to clean afterwards! Just changing the rear car tires, or 4 if it is a 4WD. And we can do in the home track without problems ...
The Bag with three couples of Climate tires + Predictive Dice is marketed in two references, corresponding to 2 sizes of tires: Size 1 to 15.7 mm rim. And 2 for 16.7 mm wheel size. It covers almost the entire spectrum of slot cars.
There is another smaller measure only available separately (not set): size 0 to 15 mm tire, also in the three colors and characteristics, susceptible to use for very small car tire or as a reduced grip front tire.
Also available separately each of the three types of WEATHER tires, in each of its steps, in 4 units bags. Mitoos also supplied to clubs and event organizers special quantities needed on demand.
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