Fecha de publicación: 18/10/2012
To be unveiled at the Slot Racing Festival
We can only show the 3D images because the prototype will be unveiled tomorrow (10-19-2012) at the Slot Racing Festival held in Igualada. It’s the second model of Arrow Slot after his first successful S7R. Now Arrow Slot reproduces the BMW V12 LMR of the 1999, a model that will be commercially known as Arrow Slot V12. This second model will have superior finishing, with better detail, photo, plastic figure driver in 3D, detailed cockpit, and so on and also the first reference that will be released will be a decorated version. Not decided but it appears that will be the wellknown "What I Want” livery. As a second reference V12 Arrow Slot will sale a white body with calibrated equipment.
The chassis of the new V12 will be Scaleauto RT-3 with possibility of mounting the engine anglewinder position that optimizes performance on track.
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