Definitive agreement with Educa Borras
The new SCX facilities in Ibi, Spain.
Educa Borras will transfer to its affiliate “Fabrica de Juguetes” in Ibi, Spain, the production of Scx in Spain. So manifest to SLOTCAR TODAY, Jorge Arceo, new SCX Marketing Manager in Educa Borras.

Educa Borras, that since last April 1 took over the marketing managing of SCX, decided to relocate to the facilities of its subsidiary "Fabrica de Juguetes" in Ibi, the whole structure of SCX. There, he has all the productive capacity in order to manufacture in short term all the products that at the moment are under development in China, but for the moment Educa Borras will remain the production in the Asian country.

This confirms officially that Educa Borras has now the rights to manufacture the license Scalextric* for Spain and SCX to be commercialized internationally.
According to Jorge Arceo, it is still too early to make known the commercial policy of the new era of SCX, but prior to the end of the month, we will know more in depth which will be the objectives of SCX in the different aspects of the targeted range in the 2012 catalog.

*(Remember that SCX is marketed in Spain and Mexico as “Scalextric” as a result of historically acquired rights, while Scalextric Hornby brand is marketed in Spain under the Superslot name.)
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